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Digital Media Doctor

Digital Media Doctor™ - The ULTIMATE Digital Media Tool

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Digital Media Doctor
Platform: Windows
Release Date: Jan-24-2017
File Size:
Standard – 5.88 MB
Professional – 5.88 MB

Digital Media Doctor™ – The ULTIMATE Tool for Pro and Amateur Photographers!

If you are concerned with the performance or reliability of your media, Digital Media Doctor™ can help. Compatible with all camera formats from Digital Backs to Point-and-Shoot, it diagnoses and fixes the most common issues with the lifeblood of the digital photographer – the Digital Memory card!Featuring innovative algorithms, Digital Media Doctor™ gives you the ability to test, benchmark and report on nearly all types of removable digital media to determine the integrity of the digital media you’re using. The simple to use interface makes it easy to diagnose your media with just a few mouse clicks!Digital Media Doctor™ works with most USB, FireWire or other Digital Media readers and can test the removable digital media from Palm Pilots, Windows® CE devices, Digital Cameras and Camcorders, MP3 players, Digital Recorders and other devices.

Diagnostic Tests and Benchmarks:

  • Sequential Read
  • Random Access Read
  • Butterfly Read
  • Sequential Write
  • Random Access Write
  • Butterfly Write

Repair Features:

  • Backup
  • Wipe
  • Format
  • Restore

The write tests will over-write any data on the media. The data will not be recoverable. Being certain of the media contents before running any write tests is strongly advised.

Supported Operating Systems:
System running Windows® XP/Vista/Win7/Win8, Minimum of 256 MB RAM Minimum of free hard disk space as large as the media you wish to examine, You will also need a card reader for your media


Digital Media Doctor Program Description:
Digital Media Doctor works with most USB, FireWire and digital media readers. This software performs tests on digital media such as Palm Pilots, Digital Cameras, MP3 players, Digital Recorders and more. The application tests, benchmarks and reports on removable digital media using innovative testing algorithms. The utility gives diagnostic tests to determine the integrity of the digital media. The included benchmark tests offer many modes of read and write to determine the performance of the digital media. Upon completion, the software displays a report on how well the media is functioning. The diagnostic tests and benchmarking features include: Sequential Read, Random Access Read, Butterfly Read, Sequential Write, Random Access Write and Butterfly Write. Customizable options allow you to specify the number of blocks per read and length of time to test. Along with several other options, the software allows you to completely customize your own tests. If you are concerned with the performance or reliability of your media, this application can help. The easy-to-use interface enables you to diagnose your media with just a few mouse clicks. The repair features even include: Back-up, Wipe, Format and Restore. In many cases this will fix any logical read errors on the media.

Digital Media Docto



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